Worcester Summer Festival

Belvedere Tea at Worcester Summer Festival Market .

As part of our Summer Market Tour, we will be setting up our stall at the Worcester Summer Festival Market. There we will be presenting our latest products, selling our specialist teas and other services directly to the public and, most importantly, meeting our valued customers face to face.

It’s great to catch up with our old friends whilst in the process of making new ones!
Really popular right now are our Thai Party Packages and our Tasty Thai Cookery Sessions. Why not come along and find out how you can book or even buy a gift voucher? Of course, we will be there in person to share our tasty tips.

And it’s always time for a cuppa ! We will be coming with plenty of Saffron Gold and Lemon Grass Melange to go round. And there’s plenty to do in Worcester for you and the family, no matter what their age. Worcester goes back to before the Domesday Book and may even be the place where Beowulf was copied by the monks. The historic Cathedral is located by the river and has beautiful gardens and vaulted ceilings- well worth a visit. Riverside walks are very popular with all ages. Near to the river and Cathedral are small antique shops, with smart high end shops being just across the road on the High Street. Worcester is famous for being The Faithful City as Charles the Second hid in an oak tree after the Battle of Worcester and lived to become King. The Guild Hall, also in the High Street, celebrates this fact. The Commandery Museum, exploring the fight between the Round Heads and Cavaliers, is great for children. As well as Belvedere Tea, there will be lots of interesting stalls at the market and Worcester itself is famed for its tea shops, coffee houses and excellent cafes and restaurants.