Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of our Customers.

Easter just isn’t Easter without the traditional chocolate egg. However, more than one may not always be a healthy choice. Why not give your loved one Belvedere Tea or Belvedere Coffee to enjoy with their egg?

Belvedere Tea and Belvedere Coffee will be a great accompaniment to all of those Easter traditions we keep alive here in the UK.

Breakfast time is often the start of our celebrations. Whilst the adults cook and cool the boiled eggs, the children decorate the shells. We all sit down to beautifully bright eggs. We have our first Belvedere tea of the day, soothing and refreshing.

In our house, the Easter Egg hunt comes next- we move that indoors if it is raining. I don’t know about your children, but it can become quite an exhausting time, as the eggs have to be hidden and then, in our house, to stop un-Easterly fights, labelled, so that the children each find the same number of eggs. Sometimes the only thing keeping us sane is our second cup of Belvedere tea- energising and fresh.

If the weather is good, we will troop off with some left over hard boiled eggs, to the nearest hill, such as the Malverns or the Lickeys, for egg rolling. As the children roll their colourful eggs and gallop after them, we adults have a reviving and warming  Belvedere coffee Рpoured from our flasks before walking down the hill and heading home.

We eat late on Easter Sunday, as we have a full roast, and so we like to have a Belvedere coffee with our Hot Cross Buns at around 11.30 when we have come back from our hill top adventure.

For evening tea, we have another cup of Belvedere tea as we tuck into our Simnel Cake. Cake isn’t …well…cakey enough without our Belvedere tea.

After tea, before we settle down to watch the big show of Easter Sunday, the children parade the bonnets they have been making all day. If you have any lovely photos of your Easter Bonnets and wish to share them, why not email them to us and we can put them on our website?

Happy Easter from all of us here at Belvedere .