K Teas Cakes

Where to try Belvedere Tea ?

Unit 4
St Georges Parade

or contact us on:
☎ 01902 218028
📱 07591 205653


Out of darkness comes light.

That’s the motto of Wolverhampton.

It’s also what Belvedere Tea customers are known to say when they have sat down for their first cup of Belvedere Tea on a winter’s day.

And now our customers can relax and enjoy their favourite beverage at K Teas Cakes, St George’s Parade, Wolverhampton.

The good thing about going out to drink Belvedere Tea is the fact that you can pair it up with a scone and cream tea, or a lovely slice of Victorian Sponge which you haven’t had to make yourself.

Our golden saffron melange and zippy citrus lemon grass are not only gorgeous to look at, beautifully fragrant and value for money, they are full of deep delicious flavour.

Hand blended from the best of Thai produce, our tea, combined with one of K Teas’ moreish cakes or savoury snacks, is the perfect marriage of East and West.