Ramen Noodles and Belvedere tea- a perfect combination of Asian flavour.

It’s great to make new friends. Here at Belvedere Tea we are celebrating our friendship with Momo.No.Ki.  Momo.No.Ki. is the home of Ramen in Shrewsbury. 

Ramen Noodles are a mainstay in Japan, where it is believed that the diet is one of the healthiest in the world. As well as being fresh and sourced locally, Ramen Noodles are also delicious and affordable.So, of course, Belvedere Tea fits right in.

If you live in the area or are visiting Shrewsbury to explore the beautiful medieval market town, castle museum or Abbey ( home of Cadfael and his herb garden) close to the green Welsh borderlands, then why not pop into Momo.No.Ki for a healthy meal and a fresh cup of hand blended Lemongras or Saffron Gold Thai Tea from Belvedere!


Lemongrass Melange & Saffron Gold Melange Japanese Green Tea Japanese Green Tea