Lemongrass melange

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“hand picked” product,
“Lemongrass melange tea”

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“Lemongrass melange”

Each teabag is full of aromatic and tasty organic herbs.

Brewing instructions
1. One tea bag per 1 cup of boiling water.
2. Infuse 3-5 minutes.
3. May add a little honey to taste once it is brewed.
4. Enjoy a calm, relaxing sensation, uplifting and aromatic beverage, hot or cold.

Caffeine free, 100% organic tea
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Pandan leaves
Product of Thailand
Contains 12 teabags

Belvedere tea is a unique product, 100% organic.
We have pleasure introducing our new “hand picked” product,

“Lemongrass melange”

A beautiful combination of lemongrass with Pandan leaves.
The combination of Lemongrass and Pandan leaves, produces a flavourful and soothing tea.
Feel calm and relaxed whilst enjoying this light, citrus refreshing tea.

For health benefits, recommended read more on https://www.organicfacts.net
Packaging and Distribution by Belvedere online UK,
If you are pregnant, breast feeding or suffer from any existing medical condition, please consult your doctor before drinking.

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Weight .80 kg
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 22 cm

19 reviews for Lemongrass melange

  1. Stephanie Thompson

    I am on my second bag of lemongrass melange. It has a beautiful citrus aroma, and is a refreshing drink to be enjoyed at any time of day. A lovely alternative to traditional tea, well done Belvedere Tea.

  2. Fiona Bonaccorsi

    Loved it , beautiful aromas . Very refreshing l made nearly a litre of and drank it all in one day . Can’t wait to get some more .

  3. Sally Labib

    Really enjoyed this unique tea! Very refreshing and a beautiful taste of lemon grass. Perfect end to a dinner party!

  4. Claire

    Lovely tea very refreshing and revitalising for first thing in the morning ….. I really enjoyed the lemon taste 😊

  5. Marianne

    I get more than one cup per tea bag. I have one cup warm then chill the rest – it is delicious and of a really high quality. Refreshing.

  6. Dawn

    This Lemongrass Tea has a fresh smooth distinctive fragrant, making it easy to enjoy drinking and Highly Recommend this Blend…….

  7. Milenne

    This is not just any lemongrass tea. You can taste the freshness and its fragrance makes me feel relaxed just by the touch of the boiling water on the teabag . I absolutely love it and there is no dinner that is not followed by this tea.

  8. Sue

    TO be honest I’ve not been a great lover of herbal or fruit teas in the past ……but this Lemongrass Melange is on another level!! Absolutely beautiful. I’ve never tasted anything so pleasurable…..and the aroma was quite something else.
    Highly recommended.

  9. Sue

    Once again an absolute joy and deeply comforting tea.
    NONE of the supermarket herbal/fruit teas comes anywhere near the superiority of these Melanges .
    Highly recommended.

  10. hannah creamer

    Amazing! Tastes and smells wonderful-i could drink it all day long!

  11. Nicola E

    This Lemongrass Melange is a great alternative to regular Tea and coffee, it is my particular favourite. Perfect for anytime of day. Made from quality ingredients it never disappoints. Love it!

  12. Dinah

    This is a refreshing tea, and it’s nothing like I have seen or tasted in a supermarket. Fantastic service and quality. Thank you for introducing me to an alternative product I can enjoy at anytime of day.

  13. Dee Kaur

    I’ve tried lots of different brands of green tea ect… but can’t drink them due to the taste but lovinging these organic Thai tea’s… saffron and lemon grass 😋😋😋
    Feeling refreshed and my digestive system feels revved up and not sluggish! I drink them hot or cold and have learnt that they have lots of other health benefits!

  14. Jude

    I find supermarket herbal teas a bit wishy washy – always smelling more appealing than they actually taste. This lemongrass melange doesn’t fail to disappoint in both aroma and flavour. A real ‘pick-me-up’ first thing in the morning.

  15. Joy roxborough

    Lovely, refreshing, soothing tea. And so beautifully packaged too!

  16. Jas

    This is such a refreshing tea, the aroma smells amazing and the flavour is so unique too. It really does make you stop and enjoy a few calm moments whenever you treat yourself to it!

  17. Josephine

    Me and my husband love this lovely lemongrass melange tea. Good bye green tea.

  18. Alison Anderton

    Wonderful. The smell and taste of the tea is calming and comforting. Wonderful!

  19. Brett R

    I highly recommend this tea which I tried recently and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.
    Very soothing & refreshing, can’t wait for my next cup!

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