Thai Crystal Deodorant Stones


  • Effective at preventing body odor.
  • 100% natural, no chemicals, non toxic



  • Cost £6 per two stones (Promotion item)
  • Effective at preventing body odor.
  • 100% natural, effective, no chemicals, non toxic.
  • Does not stain clothes.
  • Made from a combination of mineral salts.
  • Hypoallergenic – will not irritate sensitive skin
  • Size and shape will vary because it is a natural product.
  • Weight: approximately  50gm per stone. Cost £6 per two stones (Promotion item)

Crystal Deodorant Stones are a unique and effective way of combating underarm body odor. No toxic residue and does not stain clothes.

This Crystal Deodorant Stone does not stop perspiration (which can clog the underarm pores) neither does it cover body odor with a perfume but prevents bacteria that causes body odor. The stone consists of potassium alum which is a naturally occurring mineral salt typically seen as crystal encrustations on rocks. When rubbed on the skin with water these stones leave a thin layer of mineral salts which cannot be seen or felt. The combination of mineral salts has the unique property of preventing bacteria from growing and because of the large molecular structure there is no absorption into the skin. It leaves no toxic residue and does not stain clothes. The stones do not include Petroleum, Emulsifiers, Alcohol, Perfumes or any harmful chemicals or propellants and are a 100% natural deodorizing solution.

The stones have been used in Thailand for hundreds of years for body and foot odour and as a cure for spots and minor skin complaints.

Suggested use

After a bath or shower, while the body is still wet, simply apply the stone to areas that need protection in the same manner as a roll-on.  If the body is dry then wet the stone with water and apply to the chosen area of skin making sure every part comes in contact with the surface of the stone.


Contains Mineral salts: Ammonium, Barium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Silicon, Strontium and Titanium. The mineral salts are taken from mineral springs in Thailand and crystallized over a period of months, then hand cut, shaped and smoothed.

Do not leave the stone in water, as it will eventually dissolve. It is recommended to keep your stone to keep your stone on a dish or shell to catch the water run-off. If dropped on a hard surface the stone may break.


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