Where are Lemongrass come from?
It is grown in a local farm outside Bangkok, Thailand and is a special kind of lemongrass which has been hand cut, sun dried and preserved at a high temperature to maintain its exceptional quality. We plan to develop a lemongrass farm and grow our own material.

How long can you keep lemongrass melange tea?
Keep it at a stable temperature in a kitchen cupboard, the product will last more than a year.

What is the benefit of Lemongrass melange tea?
Further information for lemongrass health benefit can be find out:

Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemongrass


Why drink lemongrass tea?
Lemongrass is so refreshing and cleansing before and after meal.

You can drink lemongrass anytime you prefer. You will enjoy a cream cake even more when accompanied by lemongrass melange tea!
Iced lemongrass melange on a warm summer’s day its perfect.

What is the benefit of Saffron melange tea?
Further information for lemongrass health benefit can be find out:

Can this product be consumed by people with diabetes?
The product is Caffeine free, 100% organic and does not contain sugar or artificial sweetener.

Is this product suitable for pregnancy?
If you are pregnant, breast feeding or suffer from any existing medical condition, please consult your doctor before drinking.

What does Handmade Lemongrass melange mean?
Each teabag is full of aromatic and tasty organic herbs which are carefully blended to produce the specific flavour of Lemongrass Melange.

How to make your lemongrass tea?

Brewing instructions

  1. One tea bag per 1 big cup of boiling water 100 C ***. Or 1 tea bag for a small tea pot.
  2. Infuse 3-6 minutes.
  3. A little honey may be added once brewed.
  4. Enjoy a light citrus refreshing, uplifting and aromatic drink. Ideally, serve your Lemongrass melange tea in a bone china tea set, to achieve the finest quality experience.

How is it Packaged ?

The first layer:
The product is sealed inside a small plastic food bag.

The second layer:
Twelve tea bags contained inside a larger sealed plastic bag.

The third layer:
The outer packaging is gold, sealed, food grade aluminum foil stand up bags.


Our products are dispatched from the UK.
Orders of tea products over £15 qualify for FREE delivery, during summer promotions.