Saffron Gold Melange

Saffron tea *Hand blended* Thai Saffron* Caffeine free – Herbal Tea bag /Sachets


“Saffron gold melange”

Each teabag is full of aromatic and tasty organic herbs.

Brewing instructions
1. One tea bag per 1 cup of boiling water.
2. Infuse 3-5 minutes.
3. May add a little honey to taste once it is brewed.
4. Enjoy a calm, relaxing sensation, uplifting and aromatic beverage, hot or cold.

Caffeine free, 100% organic tea
Ingredients: Thai Safflower, Chrysanthemum.
Product of Thailand
Contains 12 teabags

Belvedere tea is a unique product, 100% organic.
We are passionate about our special herbs from Thailand called ” Kum Foi ” which have been used for centuries
We have pleasure introducing our new “hand picked” product,

“Saffron gold melange” or “Kum Foi”

A beautiful combination of Saffron gold tea with Chrysanthemum.
The combination of Chrysanthemum and Thai Saffron or Kum Foi produces a smooth honey flavoured aromatic tea.
Feel calm and relaxed whilst enjoying this uplifting and aromatic beverage.

For health benefits,
Packaging and Distribution by Belvedere online UK,
If you are pregnant, breast feeding or suffer from any existing medical condition, please consult your doctor before drinking.



So aromatic!
I love this Thai Saffron flower.
Very soothing and relaxing, great before bed time, I used in hot water the tea helps promote restful sleep. Very aromatic and honey tea. Excellent for afternoon caffeine free tea.

GM Thompson

My daughter introduced me to Belvedere Tea. I really enjoy the Saffron Gold Melange for its honey aromatic flavour. This makes a pleasant change to my traditional ‘Yorkshire tea’.

Y Wilson

This tea just hits the spot for me everyday. Some people reach for a glass of wine to relax, but this tea is sublime and does not come with a hangover.


I was used to have Thai saffron in the food and it is the first time I had as a tea. I had no idea it had so many healthy properties. It is very tasty, aromatic and does you good!


It’s almost a shame to add water to this tea – it’s appearance is so beautiful. A tea I enjoy winding down with in the evening.