Live Cooking

At Belvedere Tea, we are working closely with our Communities and public. We provide a ‘Live Thai Cooking Demonstrations’ by an Authentic Thai Chef throughout the UK.

Thai cooking is an art that uses a wide variety of spices and herbs, it is rich in nutritious elements  for a good and healthy diet.  Lemongrass, galangal, lime leaf, basil leaves, ginger and many more are incorporated into our dishes, whilst some of these ingredients  have been used in traditional Thai herbal medicine. Our ethos is to cook fresh, delicious food with an authenticity that will that will transport your taste buds to Thailand! 

Your Live Demonstration is bespoke and will be tailored to your requirements. We will help you to plan an Event that can begin as ‘Simply Special’ progressing to ‘Creatively Luxurious’, whatever your  Occasion demands.

Food can be a strong strategy to gain attention from your audience group.

Who is it for?

Business promotion

Healthy eating concept – Five a day, Fiver for health.

Birthday, Anniversary or Special event

Education Event

Pub, shop or restaurant

Supermarket – food section


Tasty and healthy food can lead your Business, with food working alongside your concept, delivering your message.

People are always open to welcoming food.

Create a stronger public relation with your customer.

How will it be done? 

Give us a call for further details.

Choose the date and make a booking.

Ingredients and cooking materials are already included.

Live Demonstration is charged at an hourly rate.

Sample dish: Pad Thai, Pad Si Iew, Fried Basil leaves, Ginger rice soup, Thai green curry, Masaman curry, Panang curry etc.