We love Lichfield

We love Lichfield. We love the Cathedral. Lichfield always offers more than other cities. For example, not content with one spire, the Medieval Cathedral has three. The Anglo Saxon gold found in a Lichfield field just a few years ago wasn’t just twist or two. It was a hoard. And, it’s most famous son, Dr Samuel Johnson, called Lichfield ‘a city of philosophers.’

One thing we have in common with Philosophers is our need of tea to get the old grey cells working. And that’s one reason why we will be part of the famous Food Festival Market on the Bank Holiday Weekend. We will be bringing our own golden hoard, Saffron Gold Melange and our other favourite, Lemongrass Melange, for all to try!

And we won’t be alone. Belvedere Tea will be one of 225 companies presenting tastes and flavours, home grown and from far flung places such as Thailand and Vietnam so you will have plenty of food to wash down with our refreshing tea.

We will be delighted to meet up with our old friends and to show new friends just how delicious and value for money our high end Thai Tea is.

As Dr Johnson said, “… I mind my belly very studiously, and very carefully; for I look upon it, that he who does not mind his belly, will hardly mind anything else.”

Dr Johnson was of course thinking about how important it is to eat and drink only quality ingredients.

We feel sure that the great man would have approved of Belvedere tea !

Pop down and visit our stall at Lichfield Food Festival and try our delicious hand blended tea. We will be putting the kettle on for you !